Frances Hodgkins -Chronology


28 April, born in Dunedin, third child and second daughter of William Mathew Hodgkins, solicitor, and Rachel Own (née Parker).


Exhibits for the first time with the Canterbury Society of Arts, Christchurch, and Otago Art Society, Dunedin.


Frances Hodgkins takes classes given by the visiting Italian painter G. P. Nerli.


February, attends the Dunedin School of Art. Begins preparations for South Kensington examinations. In July, wins competition for the best study from life.


Obtains first-class passes in the South Kensington examinations. In August, opens a studio in Dunedin and places advertisements for pupils.


April-May, takes holiday in Timaru. In December visits Lake Wakatipu, Otago.


9 February, death of her father William Mathew Hodgkins. Illustrates Otago Daily Times and Witness Christmas Annual, 1898.


April, elected member of the Council, Otago Art Society. In September sketches at Moeraki and paints local Maori subjects. Does illustrations for the New Zealand Illustrated Magazine, November, and for the Otago Daily Times and Witness Christmas Annual, 1899. Visits Wellington in December and goes to the artists' colony at Silverstream.

— Maori Girl in Blue


Illustrates New Zealand Illustrated Magazine in January, February, May and June. Is appointed a member of the Otago Art Society's selection and hanging commitee.

— Maori Girl


February, sails for Europe via Sydney, Colombo, Marseilles to London. April, arrives in London. June, attends Norman Garstin's sketching class at Caudebec, France. In September she travels from Caudebec to Paris. Stays in France until November when she travels to Italy visiting Rapalo and San Remo.

— Calves for Sale, Les Andelys, Normandy

— Old Woman, Caudebec

— Mother and Daughter Preparing Flowers


Spends part of January and February at San Remo. Late February, returns to London. March to June, she is at Penzance. In July joins Norman Garstin's sketching class at Dinan, France. August, shows new works at McGregor Wright's Gallery, Wellington. In October shows at John Baillie's Gallery, London. November, shows ten paintings at Doré Gallery, Bond Street, London. In November she travels to Tangier.


At Tangier January-March. Travels to Tetuan. In April, returns to England. In May shoes at the royal academy. July, shows ten works at Fine Art Society, Bond Street, London. Mid-July to October in Belgium and Holland. November, sails for Sydney and Wellington. Arrives in Wellington in December.

— Study of a Sudanese


Based all year in Wellington. In February opens a studio on Bowen Street and starts teaching. Exhibits with Miss D. K. Richmond at McGregor Wright's Gallery, Wellington, in late February. In April shows at the Royal Academy, London.


Spends year in Wellington except for a visit to Rotorua in June-July. In April exhibits at Royal Academy, London.

— Preparing Food at a Maori Village, Rotorua


January, leaves Wellington for England. Late February, reaches London. Spends April, June and part of July at Venice and Chiogga. In mid-July she travels to France and in August joins Norman Garstin's class at St Valery-sur-Somme. In November shows at Société d'Aquarellistes, Paris. In September visits Avignon and in November travels to Antibes, Alpes Maritimes.


In February she leaves Antibes for London. In March has a solo exhibition at Paterson's Gallery, Old Bond Street, London. May, travles to Dordrecht, Holland. Stays in Holland for remainder of the year, except for a short trip to London in November. Exhibits two works in Amsterdam.

— The Canal, Dordrecht

— The Bridge, Dordrecht


Frances Mary Hodgkins stays in Holland, mainly at Dordrecht, until August. Wins prize shared with Thea Proctor, in the Australian section of Women's Art at the Franco-British Exhibition. August-November, based in England. Mid-November, travels to Paris. Takes lessons from Pierre Marcel-Beronneau in December, painting from the nude model in oils. Wins Whitney-Hoff Prize for best watercolour at the American (Women's) Student Hostel in the Boulevard Saint Michel, Paris.

— Dordrecht

— Boys Fishing


Spends most of the year in Paris apart from a period at Montreuil-sur-Mer in May-July with a sketching class. Exhibits at Paris Salon. In July shows with Allied Artists, Albert Hall, London. In November shows twenty-seven works at Ryder Gallery, London.

— Gypsies on Hilltop


In Paris until August, when she goes to Concarneau. Takes class in watercolours at the Académie Colarossi, Paris. In March shows at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour. Shows at the Société Internationale d'Aquarellistes and Société Internationale de la Peinture à l'Eau, Paris.

— Still Life with Fish


January, at Concarneau. In February shows with Société Internationale de la Peinture à l'Eau, Paris. Canadian artist Emily Carr studies with her at Concarneau. October, travels to Paris and opens her own school for watercolour painting.


January, in Paris. In June leaves for sketching classes at St Valery-sur-Somme. October, sails for Melbourne from Toulon and arrives in November. Shows works in Melbourne. December, arrives in Wellington.


January, at Wellington. February-March, travels to Masterton and Rotorua. March, travels to Sydney. April, holds solo exhibition at Anthony Hordern's Gallery. June, has a solo show at Society of Arts Gallery, Adelaide. July, arrives in Dunedin and opens solo exhibition at Dunedin Public Art Gallery. August, returns to Wellington and holds solo show at Walter Turnbull's Gallery. October, sails for Europe. November arrives in Naples and travels to Rome. December in Naples and Capri.


Spends January in Capri and by May in Paris. Summer sketching class at Equihen and Concarneau ended by outbreak of war in August. September, returns to England and in November takes up residence at St Ives, Cornwall. Remains at St Ives except for brief visits to London and summer sketching classes.

— The Family After Dinner


January, begins teaching at St Ives. May, exhibits at the Royal Academy. October-November, exhibits six works with the International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers, Grosvenor Gallery, London.


February-March, shows three works at the National Portrait Society, Grosvenor Gallery, London. May, exhibits at the Royal Academy and May-July, has four works at the International Society. Summer class June-September at Chipping Campden, Gloucester. October, shows six works at the International Society.


At St Ives. April, exhibits with the National Portrait Society. Summer class at Burford in June and that month exhibits six works at the International Society.

— Children Playing


At St Ives. February-March, exhibits three works with the National Portrait Society. May, shows six works at the International Society. June-September, summer class at Porlock, Somerset. October, exhibits twenty-one works in the Private Gallery at the International Society. October, exhibition of thirty-five works at Anthony Hordern's Gallery, Sydney. December, rents a studio in Kensington, London. Comes into contact with Cedric Morris and Arthur Lett Haines, who sublets her Kensington studio.

— Portrait of Miss Beatrice Wood


January, in London. February, exhibits three works with the National Portrait Society and Australian exhibition opens at the Fine Art Society, Melbourne. March, shows eight works with the Women's International Club, Grafton Galleries. May, exhibits at the International Society. May-August, summer class at Ludlow and Great Barrington. October, shows six works at the International Society, lets London studio and by November in St Ives.


January, in St Ives. February, one-woman exhibition at Hampstead Art Gallery. March, exhibits two works with the Women's International Art Club. April, sketching class Topsham, Exeter. May, returns to St Ives. November, leaves St Ives for London and south of France. December at St Tropez and Cassis.


January, at Cassis. Moves to Martigues. May, summer class at Douarnenez, Brittany. July, moves to Tréboul. November, returns to England and stays with friends in London.

— Cassis Quarryman and Wife


January, settles in Burford. Gives classes and submits designs for poster competitions. June, drawing, The Cinema, reproduced in the magazine Colour. October-November, in Manchester to give class at Girls' High School. Stays with Hannah Ritchie and Jane Saunders.

— Burford High Street


January, in Burford. February-March, visits Manchester. Teaches over the summer at Burford. October, leaves for London and the south of France. Early November, one woman exhibtion, Little Art Rooms, Adelphi, London. By end of November at St Paul du Var, near Nice.

— Lesson Demonstration

— The Potters


January, in St Paul du Var. February, sketching class at Nice. June-October, summer class at Montreuil-sur-Mer, Normandy. October, at St Valery-sur-Somme. Shows seven works at Salon d'Automne, Paris. December, leaves St Valery for Martigues in the south of France.


January, in Martigues. February, returns to London via Paris. Stays with friends in London and books passage to Melbourne. May, visits Manchester and accepts post of textile designer for Calico Printers' Association on a six-month contract. August, sent by the CPA to Paris to see Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. December, contract with the CPA expires and is not renewed. Continues to paint in Manchester.


January, in Manchester. About March-April meets Lucy Wertheim. April, death of her mother in Wellington. June, summer class at Ludlow and Bridgnorth. October, returns to Manchester and has a one-woman exhibition at All Saints, Manchester.


January, in Manchester. June, exhibits with the London Group, RWS Gallery and leaves for Tréboul. September, at Concarneau. November, returns to London and in December exhibits with the New English Art Club. December, leaves London for Martigues.

— Lancashire Children


January-March, at Martigues. Returns to London and in April holds a one-woman show, Claridge Gallery. Exhibits in June and December at the New English Art Club. October-November, seriously ill.


January, in London. Elected to the Seven and Five Society and shows six works at the Society's March exhibition at Arthur Tooth & Sons. May, in Haywards Heath and shows seven works at the Mansard Gallery. October, returns to London and in November leaves for Pastorale, south of France. November, exhibits with Vera Cuningham at the Bllomsbury Gallery.


January, at Pastorale. February, moves to St Jeannet and signs contract with Arthur Howell of the St George's Gallery to supply watercolours. April, leaves St Jeannet for London via Paris. June, at Flatford Mill, East Bergholt. October, shows four works at the opening exhibition, Wertheim Gallery, and later that month has a one-woman exhibition at St George's Gallery. October-November, at St Osyth. November, at Wilmington. December, at Bradford-on-Tone.

— Three Bowls of Flowers


January, in London. Exhibits in the tenth Seven and Five Society exhibition in February. Group exhibition at the Wertheim Gallery. February-August, in the South of France, in contact first with Maurice Garnier and then staying with the expatriate New Zealand artist Maud Burge and husband at St Tropez. Autumn in London. December, in Cornwall. The St George's Gallery closes.

— The Sitting Room

— Bodinnick, Cornwall


January, in Cornwall. February, exhibits in eleventh Seven and Five Society exhibition and visits London, returning to Cornwall in March, staying until c. June. Contract with the Lefevre Galleries from February. Exhibits in group shows: in Room and Book at Zwemmers in April and at the Wertheim Gallery. In August works in Bridgnorth, Shropshire with Dorothy Selby, Jane Saunders and Hannah Ritchie. Travels to Ibiza in October.

— Two Wooden Figures in Sabrina's Garden


In Ibiza until July, with Maud Burge and two other expatriate New Zealand artists, Gwen Knight and May Smith. Exhibited in twelfth Seven and Five Society exhibition in February and in other group exhibitions at the Zwemmer and Wertheim Galleries. Invited to join Unit One by Paul Nash in May. In London from July until the end of the year. Resigns from Unit One in October.

— Ibiza

— Figures in a Mediterranean Landscape


January-March, in London, April in Cornwall, July in Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset, September in London. In December moves to Corfe Castle, Dorset, using ex-nonconformist chapel as studio. Exhibits at group exhibition at the Wertheim Gallery and in the thirteenth Seven and Five Society exhibition in October-November.

— The Croft, Still Life with Divan


January, at Corfe Castle. February, visits London and exhibits at the Leceister Galleries with Orovida and Mariette Lydis, returning to Corfe Castle in March. In London in June, visits Wales in August, where she meets Cedric Morris again. Leaves for Tossa de Mar, Spain in October. Exhibits in the Brussels Universal International Exhibition.

— House in the Countryside

— Spanish Landscape


January-April, at Tossa de Mar. Exhibits at the Wertheim Gallery in February. May, at Corfe Castle; August, at Llangenith and Solva in Wales, returning to Corfe Castle by November. In group exhibition at the Wertheim Gallery.


January-February, at Corfe Castle, moving to Bradford-on-Tone for March and April. Establishes herself at Worth Matravers, Dorset, using ex-cowshed as studio, from May. Visits Tréboul, Brittany, in August. Visits London and has solo exhibition at the Lefevre Galleries in October, returning to Worth Matravers in November. Group exhibition at the Leicester Galleries.

— Still Life, Arrangement of Jugs


Based in Worth Matravers until the end of the year. February holiday in France with Reé Gorer. With Kitty and Anthony West c. May. Contract with the Lefevre Galleries renegotiated in July. Visits London in June and Kimmeridge, Dorset, in July. In Wales in September and again in November. Group exhibition at the Lefevre Galleries, the Redfern Gallery and the Wertheim Gallery. Exhibited at the Salon d'Automne, Paris, October-November.

— Arrangement of Jugs

— Houses and Outhouses, Purbeck


January, at Worth Matravers. Visits London in February and exhibits in the London Gallery surrealist exhibition, Living Art in England, in January-February. Short visit to St Tropez in March. January, invitation to exhibit in Contemporary British Art, selected by Kenneth Clark, at the World's Fair Exhibition in New York. Stays in Bradford-on-Tone from May until July, when she moves back to Corfe Castle. August in Northumberland with Jane Saunders and also with the Wests in Wiltshire, returning to Corfe Castle by the beginning of September and the outbreak of war. Contract with the Lefevre Galleries cancelled in November. In December invited to exhibit in the Biennale di Venezia in May 1940. Group exhibitions at the Leicester, Lefevre and Redfern Galleries.

— River Tone, Somerset


January-April, at Corfe Castle. Visits London in April for solo exhibition at the Lefevre Galleries, returning to Corfe Castle by May. Biennale work shown at Hertford House in May. Late May-October at Bradford-on-Tone, with holiday in Hertfordshire late October. Group exhibitions at the Leicester Galleries. Work also shown in the New Zealand Centennial Exhibition.


January-May, at Bradford-on-Tone, with visits to corfe Castle in April, to Clun, Wales in May and later that month to John and Myfanwy Piper at Henley-on-Thames, where she becomes ill and is hospitalised. Leaves hospital in August and convalesces at the Wests' in Berkshire. Returns to Corfe Castle, where she stays for the rest of the year. Solo exhibition at the Leicester Galleries in October and group exhibitions at the Redfern, Leger and Leicester galleries.


At Corfe Castle from January, with short visits to Studland, Dorset, in May, to Brixham, Devon, in August. In September-November stays at Dolaucothy, Wales, where she meets Eardley Knollys. Group exhibitions at the Lefevre, Leicester and Redfern Galleries. John Piper negotiates a Civil List pension for her.

— Welsh Emblem


At Corfe Castle all year, except for a few weeks in Cerne Abbas, Dorset with Dorothy Selby in September. Solo exhibition at the Lefevre Galleries in March-April. Group exhibition at Redfern Gallery. Studio roof collapses in June, repaired later in year.

— The Farm Pond

— The Water Mill


At Corfe Castle all year, except for a brief visit to Bridport, Dorset in July. Moves to Greyhound Inn in June. Group exhibitions at the Redfern and Leicester Galleries.

— Country Colour, Purbeck


At Corfe Castle all year, except for two-week stay in Wales in April. Work included in group exhibitions at the Leicester and Redfern Galleries, at the Lfevre Galleries (with Bacon, Smith, Moore and Sutherland) and in Quelques Contemporains Anglais, Paris.

— Corfe Castle Village


At Corfe Castle most of the year, with visits to London in February, to Bradford-on-Tone in March and October and to London again in November for her Retrospective Exhibition at the Lefevre Galleries.


January-March, at Corfe Castle. Late March, admitted to Herrison House, a psychiatric hospital near Dorchester, where she dies on 13 May.